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“Promoting eXcellent Communities Education and Leadership”

Operation Xcel offers academic and enrichment programs for youth in kindergarten through middle school. We also offer empowerment and literacy services in specific areas to adults.


Recognizing the need to prepare children differently for success in the 21st century, Operation Xcel provides future-focused after-school, summer, and mentorship programs. We promote academic development and character growth through individual and target-based objectives, with a focus on individual development and achievement.

We are guided by a strong work ethic and a dedication to community betterment. Through our academic and enrichment programs, we demonstrate our commitment to providing equal access to quality educational resources, to supporting diversity of thought, to creating a strong foundation for the development of life long learners, to fostering civic engagement, and to encouraging career mindfulness in our youth.

Safe Schools America Charter Schools

Creating a Safe Environment is a part of our Core Values of Next Generation Academy (NGA). NGA is proud to be a Safe Schools America Foundation Charter School. The Safe Schools America Foundation strives to provide the safest, most secure, academic environment possible.


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